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Welcome to Robinson Industries web page where you can find out about our building maintenance services. We have many years of experience in building pergolas and other building maintenance.


We build all types of pergolas in all different shapes and sizes from flat roof pergola to gable roof pergolas.


Flat roof pergolas: These are the cheapest type to build and genernally have less materials. They are a valid and widely used design of pergola to increase the living area of your home.


Gable roof pergolas: Gable roof pergolas look the best and let the heat out of the pergola at both end. This type is the most popular type of pergola that is build today and is often matched to the angle of the home roof.


Feel free to call Steve Robinson for a free quote on.

We Do Pergolas!

We service most building maintenance needs from Handyman through to more complex buidling needs.

The Short list

  • Timber Pergolas
  • Flat roof pergolas
  • Gable (pitched) roof pergolas
  • Pergolas repaired
  • Pergola roof replacement
  • Painting Pergolas
  • Metal and polycarbonate roofing
  • BBQ areas and pergolas
  • ...and much more

Our Service Areas

We work all over Sydney, However our main serive area is South West Sydney.

From Camden to Parramatta and all the surrounding districts.

We do go to the north side and west of sydney for large job. - If your not sure if we cover your area feel free to call